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Cami Pocket Square with Cream Border

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Exclusive handmade two sided functional pocket square from Buziness Mynds.

 - Completely Handcrafted in the USA

 - Double sided functional wear

 - A luxury  statment piece for your blazer

 - Limited edition piece

 - Size 12x12

Cami Pocket Square with Cream Border

$64.99 Regular Price
$55.24Sale Price
  • Everything at Buziness Mynds is handcrafted with precision and excellence. Our products are tailored to those individuals who are leaders in their respects of life be it owning a business, leading a family, networking, or better put building a legacy. We are in continuous production as we only produce a certain amount of each product to ensure its exclusivity. You won’t see many people wearing the same product as you. You’re different. You are set apart from the rest. Many are may have been called, but not all were chosen. You were chosen. Be yourself because I’m BME. Buziness Mynds Fashion. Get your product today. Set yourself apart from the rest. We don’t wait for opportunities at Buziness Mynds we create them.

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